Ask Gabrielle - 05/14/2008

With the launch of Gabrielle's brand new official website, she agreed to answer questions submitted by fans from the Spashley Forum. Ever wondered what her daily routine consists of? How she handled that trench coat scene in the mid-series finale of South of Nowhere? Well look no further! We've got all your answers right here.


Auction: SON Season 1 Script - Autographed

Nina is going to auction South of Nowhere signed cast scripts away to two fans (or maybe one, if they have the money to do so). Proceeds will go to Gabrielle & her mother's SIDS charity. As you know, this is something that is very close to Gabi's heart, as she dealt with the passing of her baby brother as a child. Keep checking back for a date. Until then, start saving some cash!


Cocktails for a Cause in NYC on Cinco de Mayo!

Hello there ladies & gentlemen!

I'd love if you could join me for Fair Fund's JewelGirls cocktail/charity event I am hosting in NYC next Monday on May 5, 2008.

The venue location is @ Maracas: 33 Greenwich Village (between 6th and 7th avenue) New York, NY.


Numb3rs Airs Tomorrow May 2nd @10pm!

Hey guys & dolls!

So my episode "Atomic 33" airs tomorrow night @ 10pm on CBS' Numb3rs!

Just to give ya a heads up, I play Audrey Doran, a very sweet and vulnerable girl who is unfortunately exposed to quite a variety of terrible tragedies.


A special message from The-Sarah

So, you might remember The-Sarah -- who is The Head Lady in Total Charge of The N (well, "General Manager" is her official title, but she's nowhere near as boring as that title sounds) -- from that podcast Seth and I did with her where she started to tell us about all the awesome things coming to The N in 2008 (btw... Queen Bees? Oh. My God. Everyone in the office is freaking out over how good it is. You're stoked. I will elaborate another day.)


Only Four Hours of Splashley Remain!

Confession time: I am a straight 30-year-old woman, and the sapphic teensoap South of Nowhere is one of my all-time favorite shows. When The N is running new episodes, I am running to my TV every Friday to check in with Spencer and Ashley and the latest trials and tribulations of their rocky romance.