Auction: Save Spashley - Mandy's Shirt

You did it again! Another great response to the auction for Gabrielle's Save Spashley Shirt that was signed on the Brunch with Bridget vlog.  Around $1000 will be going toward her non profit organization, FAIR Fund!

Now, we are excited to give you the opportunity to bid on the shirt that Mandy Musgrave wore on the vlog! Signed by both Mandy and Gabrielle Christian.

*** Auction is UP! ***

(There is an issue with the image displaying on the eBay auction page. CLICK HERE to see the image/description)



We would like to thank the following people who responded to our FAIR Fund program offer. They generously agreed to donate $50 toward FAIR Fund and are receiving a signed and personalized program from Gabrielle.Anna, Claire, Noreen, Brittany, Michelle, Dulce, Jessica, Melody, Amy, and Keri



Trucker Hat Auction

Hey guys & dolls!

Just wanted to say WOW and THANK YOU SO MUCH for raising approximately $1500 for my SIDS Charity Organization!

This means such a great deal to my family and our organization, and I just want to let you know a little bit of exactly where this money will be distributed.



Auction: Save Spashley - Gabrielle's Shirt

WOW! What a great response to the auction for the Save Spashley Trucker Hat that was signed on the Brunch with Bridget vlog. Gabrielle was so excited to see it skyrocket up to $1500! Can you all do it again? I think so! Here is your chance to try and win the shirt that Gabrielle wore on the vlog! Signed by both Gabrielle and Mandy Musgrave.

*** Auction is up on eBay! CLICK Here. ***



SON Season 3B!

Hey guys & dolls!

OK, so I have been getting a lot of emails in regard to our 3rd Season of South of Nowhere...which is indeed on it's way!

Tentatively we are set to air our final 8 episodes of Season 3B by early October 2008.



FAIR Fund 'JewelGirls' store is up!

As you may know, Gabrielle is the spokesperson for the non-profit organization, FAIR Fund. She has held multiple 'Cocktails for a Cause' events to support the JewelGirls program. Please help Gabrielle support this very important cause by purchasing jewelry made by girls that have survived being trafficked, sexually assaulted, and/or being homeless.