Thank you for the shirt

Gabrielle got an awesome message from the winning bidder of the Save Spashley shirt she wore on the Brunch with Bridget episode. Check it out!

P.S. Michelle, we are super thankful to you and to all the other winning bidders of Gabrielle's auctions.




SIDS Walk - Date Confirmation

There was some confusion as to what date this year's SIDS Walk is taking place. Gabrielle thought it was the 7th, some people have been posting banners that say the 9th, and said the 14th.

I suppose we should just always believe the official source. It has been confirmed. It's OK to book airfare now.

Sunday, September 14th.

South of Nowhere 3B air dates

UPDATED: The official word is that South of Nowhere is set to premiere 3B on 10/10. It will air after Degrassi. You can watch special behind the scenes and retrospectives, 'Remembering Spencer' and 'Remembering Ashley' by viewing the Click on The-N.




PSA: Point Foundation

Gabrielle and Maeve Quinlan did a PSA for the Point Foundation scholarship organization. It is the nation's largest scholarship granting organization for the LGBT students of merit. The PSA will be both online and also on the Season 5 Series Finale DVD box set of the L Word.




Outfest 2008: 3 Way Screening

3Way has been invited to Outfest LA for a special event screening on Saturday, July 12th. Gabrielle will be there to help promote the webseries. She recently filmed a cameo in the screener for the "Ladycops" episode. She plays a character named 'Cindy.'

Update! Teaser pics of Gabrielle in 3way!




Auction: Save Spashley Shirt

We are auctioning off a pink/white Save Spashley ringer tee that is signed by both Gabrielle and Mandy Musgrave.

This is the last of the Save Spashley items that were in Gabrielle's possession. So don't miss this opportunity to grab an autographed piece of pop culture history.

This is a very special auction.

CLICK HERE for the eBay auction page.