Breaking Chains - Indiegogo x2

Even though we did not reach our initial Indiegogo goal we, still made our film! We need just a little bit more help to give Breaking Chains the voice it deserves!

We've spent the past year putting together a solid production team and talented cast, and have successfully completed filming and editing.

Please help us give it a voice and get it seen!!

Click HERE to visit the Indigogo fundraising site to donate. There may be some interesting perks as incentive!


End2Bullying Interview

End2Bullying is a campaign to share stories of victims of bullying or friends/family of those who were bullied, been judged or otherwise. Gabrielle loved supporting this cause and answering some questions for the campaign.


Marriage Equality PSA

SHE4MarriageEquality will launch a high-end video clip to the song SHE produced by LA based WingSpan Films. This song, written and performed by Jen Foster  and rearranged into an orchestral dance mix by LA based music producer Eve Nelson, is expected to become a dance anthem as soon as the PSA premieres...

...Highlights include guest appearances by award winning actresses Barbara Niven  (A Perfect Ending), Nicole Pacent  (Anyone But Me) and Gabrielle Christian  (South of Nowhere).


SHE Behind the Scenes #2

Gabrielle is proud to be a part of the marriage equality music video PSA being filmed to Jen Foster's song SHE.

Check out this behind the scenes footage of Nicole Pacent photo bombing a video with Gabrielle.

Keep checking the SHE_4_ME youtube page  for more updates. 



Son Con 2013 - Fan Video

Lori and Melissa went to the 2013 South of Nowhere Conference and captured some video. Share in their excitement of meeting the cast of a show that meant more than just entertainment to them.



Support SIDS Walk 2013

Help Gabrielle raise funds for Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS) research and support for families, and to help fund free Cribs for Kids foir Infants at Risk & Teen Parenting programs in Prince George's county:

Sunday, September 8 2013

Greenbelt Lake

Buddy Attick Park, Greenbelt, MD, 20770