See "You're Cordially Uninvited" at FilmOut San Diego

FilmOut San Diego is coming up! August 28th at 4:30PM! Don't forget to buy your ticket for Eloise's Lover so you can watch You're Cordially Uninvited  right before!

Get your tickets HERE! 



You're Cordially Uninvited at Frameline Festival

The short film, "You're Cordially Uninvited " will be showing at the Frameline Festival  as part of "We Have to Stop Now, Season 2 ".

It will play on two nights (Wednesday, June 22nd and Friday, June 24th). Gabrielle is hoping to attend the Wednsday showing and would love to see you there. 

Wednesday, June 22, 7:00 PM @ Rialto Cinemas™ Elmwood [Buy Tickets]

  Friday, June 24, 7:00 PM @ Victoria The [Buy Tickets]

Gabrielle releases 'Kissing Mandy'

Check out this song that Gabrielle recorded! It is a campy, light-hearted, semi-personal autobiography about her on-and-off-again relationship with her co-star and friend, Mandy Musgrave.  Find out how everything changed when she started 'Kissing Mandy' by downloading from Amazon or iTunes.



Tweet this!

Our big pitch for a South of Nowhere movie/series at MTV is TODAY (Wednesday, 27th).

Twitter fans! Please start tweeting and re-tweething this today:

@MTV We want a #southofnowheremovie and #southofnowhereseries


Gabrielle on UStream

Gabrielle joined South of Nowhere castmates, Mandy Musgrave and Matt Cohen on UStream to discuss the potential for a South of Nowhere movie or series. Fans that were connected live got a treat from Gabrielle when she sang and spoke Hungarian. Watch the replay to find out what promise they made if the South of Nowhere YouTube promos reached 100,000 hits.


New South Of Nowhere PROMOS!

{mosimage}Several days ago we posted a behind-the-scenes video of the South of Nowhere cast together again. Here are links to the two promos that they created. Are you interested in seeing a South of Nowhere movie  or having it continue as an updated series? After watching those promos, I'm thinking yes. Otherwise, I'm forever going to have in my mind that 'Spashley' is in the midst of seperation... I need a movie or series to make things right! Show all your friends :)