A 2nd Opinion - Official Trailer

Gabrielle is excited "A 2nd Opinion " has been selected as a FINALIST in the EMERGING FILMMAKER SHOWCASE at the AMERICAN PAVILION at THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL!!

As Gabriel (David Gunning) begins to resolve issues with his temperament, he is thrown through a loop when Lilian (Gabrielle Christian), who seems like the perfect girl, throws him a serious curveball. Gabriel must make the decision which path he will walk down, confronting his innermost demon, or letting it all go... 

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Check out the Five Finger Death Punch video Gabrielle shot

USA Today Exclusive Video

"... the video reflects the song's theme about the effects of generational patterns of emotional abuse, with each band member making a brief cameo. That's guitarist Jason Hook driving the vintage Pontiac GTO away from a wedding. Moody plays a soldier cleaning his gun, while drummer Jeremy Spencer can be spotted at a barbecue. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory and bassist Chris Kael appear together in a hospital scene near the end of the clip."


Breaking Chains - Contribute

Sex Trafficking is very real and it is happening all over the United States. We want as many people to know about this as possible.  If we stop one man from buying someone for sex, or prevent one person from putting another through these horrible situations, we have done our job. If we are able to give just one girl the hope and will to survive against all odds, we have done our job.  

 If we help start a dialogue between parents and their children to keep kids safe, we have done our job. Our goal is to enter this in as many festivals as possible and spread the film to as many people as we know in order to really change the way things are in the best way that we know how.  

 Your donations will have a direct impact on these girl's lives and we think that is pretty amazing.  


Watch Gabrielle's episode of 'The Protector'

Gabrielle's episode of 'The Protector' aired on Lifetime this week. You can watch the full episode online on their website:

The Protector - Episode 10 - Rats 



Matthew's Place - Interview with Gabrielle Christian

By Meg Dukes, Editor, Meg in the City

 As members of the LGBT community, we are constantly reminded, by our heterosexual peers, what makes us different. We don’t fit into many of the accepted social norms; we bend and often break the concepts of gender and sexual identity and expression; we challenge the traditional roles that have been handed down from father to son and mother to daughter for centuries. All of these differences are often magnified when we are LGBT high-school students, an environment never seen again after graduation. Yet Gabrielle Christian reminded me that many of the experiences we see as unique or isolated to LGBT young people are not the case. Christian is most widely known throughout the LGBT community as portraying Spencer on South of Nowhere, a groundbreaking television show on The N, which ran from 2005 to 2008. 

 [Read Full Interview Here]

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