Ctrl.Alt.Del: Ep 1 - Pull Your Weight

Carson (Gabrielle) has to take an entry level job just so that she can help pay rent in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend. 'Gopher' by day and 'Video Blogger' by night. Will her new boss, Agnes, appreciate her efforts at any time of day?



South of Nowhere Conference - October 2013

Meet Gabrielle and the cast of South of Nowhere during the Son Con being held October 19th (11am to 3pm) at the Universal Hilton, Los Angeles.

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ROSS Back to School Commerical

Watch Gabrielle in the ROSS Back to School Commerical airing on NBC.

Description: A girl shows her parents her room at college, which looks expensive. "Don't Worry!" she tells them, because she got all of her things at ROSS and got a great deal!



Clorox Bleach Commerical

Watch Gabrielle in the Clorox Bleach Commercial on ABC.

Description: Aiden and the bachelorette are taken by surprise. She was getting a tour of the grass, as can be seen from the green grass stains on the back of her white outfit. He's definitely getting a rose. This bleachable moment has been brought by Clorox.


Ctrl.Alt.Del: Web Series

Please visit and like our facebook page  for Gabrielle's new webseries, Ctr.Alt.Del.

'Ctrl.Alt.Del' is a dark comedy that tells the story of a late bloomer who turns her life inside-out so she can achieve a sense of purpose.



Bawlin' Teaser

Teaser Trailer for short film, Bawlin',  by Gloria Brenes and Nek Thomas. Featuring Gabrielle Christian and Ash Lendzion.

Watch on Vimeo