Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge

After many months of struggling with Fibrosis of the Liver, our poor little Buddy Jr just couldn't take the pain any longer.

Over the course of his last few months, Buddy began to degenerate to the point where he could no longer control his bladder and inevitably lost a lot of weight, as well as his apetite. Also, in his last few months, Buddy was on a great deal of various medications that were intended to help ease the pain, however would not postpone the inevitable.



{mosimage}Therefore, we had to make the very painful and difficult decision of putting Buddy down to rest. And in his last few moments, we could tell that this was the best thing for him.

Buddy is now in a better place, thank God. I am also very thankful that both Justin and myself were able to be there for him during this time, and also for the entire two years that we were blessed to have his company.

{mosimage}Buddy was the best dog a human could ever hope for. He was gentle, patient, kind and loving. He loved to smile and cuddle, take long walks and travel. He travelled with us everywhere, from the suburbs of Washington DC to the mountains of Montana. However, most of all, he loved the warm California sunshine. He loved being home, and we loved having him in our home.

Home is so empty now without him.

Buddy is irreplaceable in both body and in soul. He will be missed dearly, but never be forgotten. And I cannot wait to be with him again. Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

{mosimage}Blessings and love,

PS- Thank you so much again to all of you who helped Buddy live to his fullest potential these past few months. Your generosity has truly amazed us.