Gabrielle Christian IM-terview

 -Gabby-: hey mary! it's gabrielle
The-Mary: HEY! cool, glad you found a machine!
-Gabby-: yea, finally!
The-Mary: so how's your day been?
-Gabby-: day's been great, went to a meet and greet with Seventeen and Teen People magazines -Gabby-: went to lunch at Blue Fin restauraunt on Broadway, got lobster salad, yummmm

The-Mary: cool, were they nice to you i hope?
The-Mary: mmmmmm lobster.
-Gabby-: yea, they were all so very nice
-Gabby-: i love lobster- it's definitely one of my favorites
The-Mary: rad. so... what did you think of that play we saw last night [It was called Dog Sees God... and SPOILER ALERT for the next several lines if you're planning on seeing it, btw]? how would you even describe it to someone?
-Gabby-: i thought the play was awesome! definitely strange....but awesome. i dunno, i personally have not experienced too much contemporary theater myself, but i really find an appreciation in the special effects that they are able to use onstage nowadays
-Gabby-: the comedy was absurd....a definite stretch on the real charlie brown
The-Mary: you know, i was thinking as we were watching it, especially sitting right next to a bunch of South of Nowhere cast members... when they got into the stuff about Schroeder being gay... it's like, that is THE issue of the day.
The-Mary: Like in the '50s and '60s it was race and civil rights, and now it's homosexuality and gay rights: the big issue that everyone wants to explore and figure out.
-Gabby-: exactly, i totally agree.
The-Mary: do you think things will be a lot different in like 10 years? like will spencer's story look quaint sooner than later?
-Gabby-: oh definitely, i think.
-Gabby-: i mean, homosexuality is such a prevalent thing in today's society, and sooner or later it just has to be accepted because that's how people are. you can't tell someone who they are and aren't allowed to love
The-Mary: so true. and i think you have catholic parents (like me), too... they're supportive of you and this role right?
-Gabby-: yes, i do come from a practicing catholic family (both my immediate family as well as all my extended family on both my mom and dad's side)
-Gabby-: and at first it was kind of difficult for especially my father to accept the fact that i was going to play a girl questioning her sexuality on national television
-Gabby-: my family is not really into the whole TV/Hollywood world, i mean as a kid i was only allowed to watch a half hour of TV a day and one movie on the weekend!
The-Mary: did you help your dad come around to it, or did he sort of do it on his own?
-Gabby-: eventually he just came around on his own
-Gabby-: i showed him the pilot last year, and he seemed a little freaked out by the whole concept- especially being that i am his daughter
-Gabby-: but after SON finally starting airing its first season, my dad finally compromised
The-Mary: what convinced him? was it the actual show, or just that he was so proud of you, or do you even really know?
-Gabby-: i think it's that he saw Spencer's journey as more of an emotional, rather than sexual, relationship with another woman...and i think he found a soft spot for her in his heart
The-Mary: awwwwwww. that's the sweetest thing ever.
The-Mary: i think shows like this, that's one of their best accomplishments, is to take an issue like this out of the realm of politics and talk about PEOPLE.
The-Mary: like last night, that woman in the audience at the play who kept freaking out every time two guys would kiss, i couldn't help but wonder if she was moved by any of the emotion that those characters were going through...

-Gabby-: yea, exactly.
-Gabby-: yea, i mean, how can you not feel for two people in love? whether it's a guy and a girl, 2 guys, 2's love, ya know? it's what makes the world go round!
The-Mary: so, tell me about the first times you met Mandy. you guys hit it off right away, right?
-Gabby-: oh god, the first time i met Mandy, hahah
-Gabby-: well we were at our first callback together and for some reason we were sitting right next to each other in the lobby
-Gabby-: we hit it off from the start...and then Tommy Lynch (the creator/producer of SON) kept calling the two of us in to read lines with one another...over and over again...
The-Mary: ha, he could totally feel the love
-Gabby-: yea, we definitely had immediate chemistry
-Gabby-: we hit it off when we first met, just like Ash and Spence
-Gabby-: that's what makes it so easy for us to be on screen together! And Mandy is now my absolute best friend in LA...i have no idea what i would do without her
-Gabby-: she's a great listener, my support system, my best friend.
The-Mary: omg, SO SWEET! you guys go out and karaoke and stuff together?
-Gabby-: oh for sure! we karaoke, we go on road trips....we've gone to Las Vegas twice now
The-Mary: no way! do you ever get recognized together?
-Gabby-: haha not yet...
-Gabby-: but, after SON aired i was only in LA for about a week....since then i have been home for the holidays
-Gabby-: today Matt Cohen (Aiden) and I, got recognized in a Starbucks in NYC
The-Mary: YAY!
-Gabby-: all the girls love Aiden
-Gabby-: he's so hot
The-Mary: it's true.
The-Mary: were they like "oh look spencer OH LOOK AIDEN!"

-Gabby-: yea, basically!
-Gabby-: and everyone and their mom recognize Danso (Clay)
The-Mary: for real! he's the king of the world!
-Gabby-: yea, we try not to tell him that
The-Mary: you should TOTALLY go to a gay bar, then you'll get plenty of "LOOK IT'S SPENCER!"
-Gabby-: yea, actually, Mandy and I have been to about 2 gay bars in LA
The-Mary: how was it?
Gabby-: this was before SON premiered, so I'd be interested to see how people react now
The-Mary: oh yeah, for sure.
The-Mary: tell me how it goes when you do!

-Gabby-: well we went more or less to see what the feel was know, help us with getting more in touch with our roles
The-Mary: so wait... you've been acting a LONG time now right? how old were you when you started?
Gabby-: yes, I have been acting onstage since i was 9 years old, onscreen since 15 Gabby-: i've mainly done alot of musical theater- South has definitely been the most challenging and interesting role I have been fortunate enough to have played onscreen. i also LOVE to sing
The-Mary: i have GOT to go to karaoke with you people some time. or at least spencer has to sing on the show or something.
-Gabby-: oh heck yea, Spencer definitely sings in the shower...on the streets, in restauraunts...i think i have a problem
The-Mary: hahaha
The-Mary: that's right, i totally heard you singing randomly last night!
The-Mary: now i know it wasn't a fluke

-Gabby-: yup, Spencer and Gabrielle do have quite a few things in common
The-Mary: what else do they have in common? and what are the main differences between you?
-Gabby-: In common- both Spence and I have moved from small suburbias to the big city of LA. we've both dealt with insecurities, fitting in, learning to adjust to cultural differences....LA can be a rather difficult place to adjust to because there are soo many different kinds of people and places
-Gabby-: Differences- the sexual identity crisis has not so much been an issue that I personally have dealt with, however, I did and do have a lot of friends who have questioned their sexuality and been intrerested in people of thesame sex
-Gabby-: I come from a pretty extensive theater background, and alot of actors, no matter what age, are a little better at expressing or "coming out" of their secret closets
-Gabby-: artists in general are expressionists
-Gabby-: so it's been a huge privilege for me to have people like these in my life
The-Mary: good point. how are you handling the inevitable questions about your own sexuality? if someone asks you outright, what do you say?
-Gabby-: of course, the question of my sexual preference has been approached quite a few times in my personal life
-Gabby-: If someone happens to ask me if I'm gay, or straight, or bi, or whatever! I tell them I'm straight. However, I always tell then that I am totally honored to be playing such a wonderful part- because I sincerely am. I love Spencer. I think she's very smart, very intuitive, and no matter what, she's going to stick to her own ground.
The-Mary: that's awesome.
The-Mary: here's a kind of weird left turn for you: do you think guys are more homophobic than girls?
-Gabby-: Ya know, I think it really depends on the person.
The-Mary: good point.
-Gabby-: I mean I think everyone and anyone that is entirely homophobic just may have some insecurities of their own...I mean, most people do when they have a problem with something.
The-Mary: do you have any brothers or sisters?
-Gabby-: I have 4 sisters.
The-Mary: whoooooooa, that's a lot of girls in one house, haha your poor dad!
-Gabby-: I know I know...that is what everyone says!
-Gabby-: I had a brother, Christian, but he passed away when I was 7.
The-Mary: oh i'm so sorry!
-Gabby-: Christian is where I got my stage name from.
The-Mary: that's so beautiful.
-Gabby-: He died when he was 2 months old from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
The-Mary: oh my god... how did that affect you... being so young, did you even understand what had happened?
-Gabby-: Oh I definitely understood what had was most prevalent with my mother and father though.
-Gabby-: It's very difficult to deal with the death of a child...
The-Mary: i can't even imagine.
-Gabby-: but it's all good now! my mom wrote a grief book on SIDS and now helps grieving mothers all over the world
The-Mary: oh, awesome. so she turned it as positive as she could. that's a great quality.
The-Mary: um another left turn: what kind of music are you into?

-Gabby-: I love everything and anything
-Gabby-: From Broadway showtunes so Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Pink Floyd...
The-Mary: is there one person in your life who gets you into music, like that one sister or friend who always makes you CDs?
-Gabby-: yea, my lil sis always burns CD's for me, my best friend and me are always singing our favorite showtunes...and my buddy Jack always sings me oldies over the phone
The-Mary: awwww.
The-Mary: whoa, i just realized i've been hogging you for 45 minutes, i should probably let you go
The-Mary: but is there anything else you want to say on

-Gabby-: Yes there is one more thing.
-Gabby-: To all you kids out there, boys, girls, teenagers, college students,athletes, moms, dads, black people, white people, whatever! When you watch SON, please remember to keep both your eyes and your minds wide open. There are a bunch of lessons to be learned from our show, and I hope ya'll learn 'em. Because this world could be such a happier place if we could all just step out of ourselves for one moment and really open ourselves up to an issue someone else can be going through.
The-Mary: Word. That. Gabrielle. Christian.
The-Mary: You're the best, i'm so glad you're on the N.
The-Mary: Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and I hope we talk again soon.