Spencer Carlin makes a good candidate for a Valentine's Day date

The folks over at AfterEllen.com made a list of character's they'd like to take out on a date for Valentine's Day. Spencer Carlin made the list. Check it out.





The thing about going on a Valentine's Day Date with Spencer Carlin is that when you have her, you have her. A room full of influential people in fancy clothes going about their important lives with their alluring issues, and all Spencer wants to know is: How did everything go on your statistics mid-term? Earnest and lovable, loyal and patient. Plus she knows how to make the very best use of strategically placed undergarments and a rain coat.

Bonus tip: Make nice with her mom. She may look like a thoughtful, gorgeous, good-humored gay-rights activist, but that's probably just her twin sister. Mama Carlin will drag you from the room by your ill-advised bangs if she sniffs something sinister about you.